MAST vs Clients-first: Which Webflow Framework You Should Choose?

April 17, 2024
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Discover the power of Webflow frameworks and elevate your website building. Explore the benefits of MAST and Clients-first, and make your final decision.

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Welcome to Webflow - a playground for all designers, developers, and digital creators ready for another crazy roller coaster ride.

To make this adventure even more exciting and accessible, Webflow has implemented the use of frameworks.

Think of a frameworks as a toolbox that contains everything you need to build all those cool websites. Interesting images, interactive elements, and text become part of your website in a few clicks.

And optimization for different screens? No problem!

With the frameworks, your Webflow website will adapt wherever you want.

Creating websites using Webflow's frameworks becomes a breeze since you don't have to put in a lot of effort to get the job done.

What about the code?

Oh, and here we come to the best part.

Instead of writing different codes from scratch, the Webflow frameworks will give you ready-made pieces of the puzzle that you can package as you see fit.

Yes, yes, the Webflow frameworks can be your right hand and faithful assistant in building websites. But how to choose the best framework for building websites, you may ask?

Well, that's today's topic - a discussion about two popular Webflow frameworks - MAST vs. Clients-first.

In this text, we'll dive into the processes of MAST vs. Clients-first Webflow frameworks, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of their features and benefits.

Thanks to this comparison, you'll be able to make an informed decision without the need for extensive research.

What Exactly Are Webflow Frameworks?

What Exactly Are Webflow Frameworks?

Simply put, the Webflow frameworks are a building system that makes creating websites easier.

The Webflow frameworks use a visual interface, so you don't have to know how to write code to use it.

We know that Webflow is the leading platform when it comes to the no-code revolution, so the Webflow frameworks comes as some kind of super cool addition that makes your life easier.

Using the Webflow frameworks allows designers, programmers, and developers to create professional websites using a variety of tools.

These tools offer the direct ability to move designs, adjust styles, and other more complex processes without the need for direct coding.

So the Webflow frameworks enable everything that users don't see happening behind the scenes.

In other words, the intuitive use of the Webflow platform with combinations of different frameworks can speed up developing.

MAST vs Client-first Framework

Ever felt like understanding Webflow frameworks is like trying to explain to your grandpa what is cryptocurrency?

Been there, done there.

So we'll try to switch to the more general explanation of these two folks covering everything you need to know about the MAST and Client-first frameworks.

Clients-first Framework

Clients-first Framework

We heard about Client-First in 2021. Launched by Finsweet, Client-First is one of the most popular Webflow frameworks around.

The reasons for this?

Well, Clients-first has gained popularity precisely because of its accessibility and ease of use through more simple class names.

Since it doesn't require excessive technical knowledge, Clients-first is an ideal option if your team consists of Webflow agency members with different levels of Webflow knowledge and experience.

Feeling stuck?

Finsweet offers a wealth of resources, including various libraries, documentation, and a vast collection of websites to clone. Additionally, there is Client-first, a style guide that has earned the title of a popular developer framework.

Sounds pretty ideal, right?

But "clients-first" also has its downsides.

One of them is that relying on existing classes can lead to cluttered code. For small websites, this may not be a big deal, but for larger websites it can lead to a real mess, making the website development process clunky.

MAST Framework

MAST Framework

MAST is a rising star introduced by NoCodeSuppliCo in 2023.

We can say that MAST symbolizes a new perspective in the development like you have some kind of code for efficiency.

This turbo speed framework provides a set of utilities and a structured layout system that works just perfectly, allowing developers to create websites with incredible speed.

The light and organized code base seen in the MAST framework enables the seamless navigation process within the project and ensures optimal website performance.

Clear, precise, and concise classes, the BEM method, and the simplified process make MAST a good choice for the smooth creation of Webflow websites.

However, even though MAST has a lightweight structure, the implementation of global layout changes in MAST of the MAST framework can be challenging for newcomers to learn.

Also, it's important to mention the 12-column grid system that can be limiting for designs that differ from this structure.

Which Webflow Framework You Should Choose?

Now that we've gone over some of the details of these frameworks, it's time to decide MAST vs. Clients-first.

Think of it as having to decide which playground you want to have fun on because it's all a matter of personal preference.

What we can conclude from the text is that both frameworks are excellent for use in Webflow and that the final decision depends on the nature of the project and its specific requirements.

However, if your project is complex and your team consists of members with different levels of Webflow knowledge, Clients-first might be the better choice.

If you have a project that needs to be done quickly, the efficiency and speed of MAST can be a big advantage for you.

The speed consideration is also important when you want to know what will be the Webflow agency pricing, as well as the final cost.

And finally, think about the design!

If you have a specific design that is not compatible with MAST's 12-column grid, you can opt for the clients-first framework, which has no such limitations.

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April 17, 2024

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