10 Key Questions to Ask a Webflow Agency Before Hiring Them for a Project

April 2, 2024
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Here are the top 10 important questions that you should ask the Webflow agency before hiring. Dive into a deep analysis and ensure your project runs smoothly.

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The trap of well-packaged portfolios and skilled narratives is something we often see in Webflow agencies - client relationships.

Today, it's easier than ever to present your work in the best light. For this reason, it's important to establish good communication at the beginning.

You can achieve this by asking the right questions before you even book a Webflow agency.

Yes, the brilliant expertise of a Webflow agency can impress you, but what if the deadline gets extended?

Or does the Webflow agency guarantee quick project delivery, but their skills aren't compatible with your needs?

That's right.

If you don't ask questions, you can't know.

That's why today we're sharing 10 questions you should ask your Webflow agency before booking it.

Essential Questions To Ask Your Webflow Agency

In the relationship between agency and client, communication is key, and shouldn't be put on the side.

It's like going to the theater without knowing what play is being performed.

If you don't want to shed any more tears, it's wise to ask your Webflow agency noteworthy questions.

Of course, there are Webflow agencies that will spill the beans before you can even open your mouth.

They'll overwhelm you with workflow processes, deadlines, and a plan for your Webflow project right from the start.

However, it's always advisable to go through the following 10 questions to ensure that nothing is missed.

#1 Can you show me a past Webflow website with a similar design/functionalities?

#1 Can you show me a past Webflow website with a similar design/functionalities?

This is a question that hits the mark. If you want to find out whether Webflow agency will be the right match for you, see if they have worked on a similar project.

Cause, what's better than a Webflow agency that has experience with your industry, website size, and your audience?

A Webflow agency that has experience in building similar websites will bring special value to your business.

Of course, this applies to clients who already have an idea of what kind of website they want, from design and aesthetics to performance and functionality.

#2 How long have you been using Webflow and can you share a challenging project example?

Whatever project you want to start, an experienced Webflow agency will know how to address all potential challenges.

Inquire about your years of experience using Webflow to make sure you're working with an experienced agency.

Also, discussing challenges is great if you want to find out how the Webflow agency deals with obstacles and what its experience is with challenging projects.

#3 Can you share a case study of a Webflow project in our industry?

Case studies are one of the better ways to test the expertise of the Webflow agency you've chosen.

These are detailed reports and analyses of various projects where you can get evidence of improvements, as well as insights into the working process of the Webflow agency.

Break down case studies from Webflow agency projects and see if their knowledge, experience, and skills suit you.

#4 What's your typical workflow for designing and developing a Webflow site?

#4 What's your typical workflow for designing and developing a Webflow site?

Go through detailed design and development practices that your chosen Webflow agency goes through.

Ask about the tools they use and how they will execute to get the website you want.

Here you can ask more about the entire website creation process to have information on how your Webflow agency works at all times.

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#5 How do you ensure Webflow websites are fully responsive?

Responsiveness aligns with modern standards for any website.

For this reason, it's important to ask how the Webflow agency will ensure that your site is fully responsive, accessible, and optimized.

Once you learn about the practices the Webflow agency uses, you'll be assured that your users will have the best possible user experience.

#6 What's your approach to SEO optimization in Webflow?

SEO is an important part of building a Webflow website, so it's logical that you want to know what SEO practices the agency will use to rank your site.

Ethical approaches, high-quality content, and professional optimization are something to strive for.

However, ask in detail about what your chosen Webflow agency does to ensure high rankings on search engines.

#7 How do you empower clients to manage their site post-launch?

#7 How do you empower clients to manage their site post-launch?

While there are clients who have the knowledge and skills to further manage their site after it launches, there are also those who need support.

Therefore, ask the Webflow agency how you should maintain and manage the website, or if they will do it for you.

The post-launch process is equally important, so if you don't want to be alone in the post-launch process, see what options the Webflow agency offers you.

#8 How do you manage Webflow integrations?

Most clients today don't settle for just a website without integrating other apps.

Since Webflow is a very suitable platform for various types of integrations, and you've expressed the need for them, ask the agency how they will manage it.

This falls into some of the specific but essential requirements, especially if you want to integrate multiple different marketing apps within your Webflow website.

#9 How do you charge for your services?

Open communication about the budget is extremely important. Ask the Webflow agency how much their services will cost, but also be open about your budget.

Also, don't forget to ask about the cost of additional services to be sure you are always on the same page.

#10 What are your typical turnaround times for requests from our team?

Some Webflow agencies have a record-breaking delivery speed, while others cannot boast that their speed is one of their outstanding skills. 

Therefore, always ask how long the Webflow agency typically takes for a project. Knowing the turnaround time, you can better plan marketing efforts, budget, and other project-related details.

Webflow projects often have ups and downs, and deadlines can vary, but you should always know when you can expect the final launch.

In Conclusion

We don't suggest setting up a detective investigation scene to extract information from clients. 

However, briefly going through these questions will help you get the bigger picture.

Every time you want to determine whether the Webflow agency is a perfect fit for your needs, remember to ask these 10 essential questions.

Of course, you can always customize them to be more specific, but they are the key to any good Webflow agency-client communication.

Don't hesitate to expand the communication and bring out the best possible outcome of your Webflow project.

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April 2, 2024

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