How To Build Modern Webflow Websites - A One-Stop Guide

May 3, 2024
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Explore our complete guide for building functional, and modern Webflow websites. Learn more what it takes for a Webflow website to be successful nowdays.

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Alright, Webflow maestros. In today's article, we are going to deal with building websites. 

Not just ordinary Webflow websites, but those that will blow minds, evoke sighs, and make users enjoy their online experience. 

To deepen the story a bit, we must underline that building Webflow websites isn't just a thing of visual appeal that will make users say wow! No, we've passed that. 

Building Webflow websites that are aligned with the 21st-century flow means you need to find the balance that includes modern design, advanced functionalities, user-first content, and overall performance. 

As things in the digital world are moving rapidly, some features that were once seen as elusive, today are becoming a default standard if you want to be taken as a professional. 

So let's get straight to the point, and explore what it takes to have a Webflow website that stands out.

Essential Webflow Website Qualities

Essential Webflow Website Qualities

For some, a good Webflow website means just having something digital exist online. 

And there you have a plain Webflow website, minding its business in the digital field. But at some point, building Webflow websites has become a thing of business reputation, as if it's an extension of it. 

Of course, in this case, you don't want your Plain Jane to talk about your business, because, what would it say? That you do some business, that color balance isn't your thing, and what about user experience? Well, users will find their path eventually. 

We all agree that websites can be much better. You can pack your Webflow website according to your brand guidelines, provide an excellent user experience, and add some cool animation to spice things up. But first thing first, let's make a comprehensive route around key parts that make one Webflow website successful. 

We will split everything into 3 main sections, mentioning the most important segments - technical functionality, design and user experience, and optimization and performance segment.

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#1 Technical Functionality

#1 Technical Functionality

The technical functionality of a Webflow website is the first spot for every Webflow website because you want to make sure everything is on a solid foundation. 

Here we need to mention hosting as an essential part of the Webflow website's functionality that represents the ID of your website. 

Going down the list, we find the next points as crucial for a successful Webflow website:

  • Security - You want to make sure that the Webflow website is secured from the beginning. There's no room for moderate security, so make sure you always protect your website. The good thing is that Webflow offers SSL certificate encrypts that can protect your data, which will give you a trustworthy reputation. 
  • Content Management System (CMS) - CMS is the brain of the operation, and allows you to edit, update and create content on your Webflow website. When it comes to Webflow, its in-built CMS is very user-friendly, making content management seamless.
  • Responsiveness - Every Webflow website needs to be responsive, adjusting its functionalities to various screen sizes. In the digital era, where the mobile user rate is increasing having a responsive website is a must.
  • Functionality - No matter what are the primary focus of your Webflow website, its functionalities need to be adjusted accordingly. From contact forms to webshop, you need to cover everything your business extension needs. Luckily, Webflow integrates with various plugins and third-party tools, so you can enhance your website as you wish.

#2 Design & User Experience (UX)

#2 Design & User Experience (UX)

Segment no. 2 is design and user experience. Once you've set up your Webflow website, and prepared a sitemap, you can start with design, making the user experience enjoyable.

  • Clear website purpose - The golden design rule is that every element of design needs to have its purpose. You can accomplish this by setting clear goals for your Webflow website and making sure that design is translating everything you want to communicate to users - from brand messages to CTA's.
  • Visually Appealing - When you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve with your Webflow website it's time to make everything come to life. Webflow websites nowadays should be attractive, complementing running trends, but they also need to have a unique touch of your brand. Always use colors, typography, and general stylization of the brand to remain true to its identity.
  • Intuitive navigation - The user-friendly design evolves intuitive navigation, as an essential part of every modern web design. You don't want your users to get lost on your website and left confused. Make sure your website makes sense, and opt for a simple and clear navigation.
  • Design hierarchy - Design hierarchy is an extension of intuitive navigation, so you want to make sure every element on your Webflow website is organized according to its importance. Highlight significant parts that will draw attention, and make sure you leave some white space to make your design breathe.
  • Interactive elements - Animations and interactive elements are good additions if you want to further engage users. Interactive elements have a positive effect on user experience, making it memorable.

#3 Optimization & Performance

#3 Optimization & Performance

The third part of building a website is optimization and performance. When you have the very core of your Webflow website prepared, it's time to make sure everything is optimized for search engines, as well as for users. Let's see how.

  • Speed - In the modern age, you don't want your Webflow website to take ages to load a single page. Therefore, speed optimization is one of the most important things to take care of when it comes to website performance. Even though Webflow has solid website optimization, you can always enhance the performance by optimizing images, minimizing code, etc.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - You want your Webflow website to be SEO optimized from the start. Even though a lot is going on in the SEO field, you want to make sure you did your best when it comes to optimization for search engines. Start by optimizing your content with relevant keywords to rank higher in SERPs. You can also include different SEO strategies, from off to on-page, as well as link-building strategies to make your Webflow pop up high on the search engine pages.
  • High-Quality Content - Content and SEO are connected, so make sure you always keep it fresh, relevant, and informative. Content that converts is a combination of those 3 features but also has a touch of engagement that can attract and retain users' attention. Make sure the copy of the website resonates with powerful brand messages, and that you include a blog section where you can place the Webflow website as an authority in the niche.
  • Website analytics - Last, but not least there's website analytics. When you optimize your Webflow website the story doesn't end. In other words, you want to make sure everything is going on properly, from website traffic, and user behavior, to conversion. When you have the data on how your Webflow website is performing, you can adjust and improve your marketing efforts to get the best possible results for your Webflow website.

In conclusion

Less, or many Webflow designers, developers, and other Webflow experts are already going through the segments we've mentioned.

 Because, what makes a successful Webflow website nowadays is precisely the blend of all the points we've gathered here, all packed in a digital form. 

And yes, you can step away from some basic rules, experiment, and turn on the creative freedom to the max. 

But don't go too far from the basic standards because, at the end of the day, you want to achieve the creation of a unique digital work of art that will be not only astonishing but functional as well.

Ivana Poposka

May 3, 2024

Five years of experience crafting captivating content with a blend of graphic design and copywriting has given me a versatile skillset you can trust. I don't just write words, I build content strategies that leverage my background in digital marketing and SEO to boost your business to the top. My mission? Creating killer content that converts. Because let's face it, giving value is the ultimate sales tool.