Maximize Your Earnings: How to Price Your Webflow Services and Charge More?

March 26, 2024
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Find out how to set up and bill the right price for your Webflow services. Retain client satisfaction and learn how to charge more in the end.

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Welcome to the Webflow powerhouse, where a squad of digital warriors builds all the cool websites you see everyday.

Sit back and relax, because here you'll meet experienced Webflow developers, creative web designers, and Webflow agency leaders eager to get started on your next project.

But when it comes to pricing, these people often struggle to charge properly for their services.

If you'd rather pack your digital bags and fly to the moon than bill your services properly, you've come to the right place.

In this article, we'll give you advice straight from the pros that will help you set the final price for your Webflow agency.

From hourly rates to expertise - we've got everything you need to know!

Understanding Clients Perception

It's important to know that customers today are well-informed and knowledgeable.

If you think you can fool your clients with poor services and charge a fortune, you're mistaken.

On the other hand, once you disclose the final cost of your services to clients, they won't know what's going on in your Webflow agency.

If you offer highly effective services that produce amazing results and your price is below average, you're shooting yourself in the foot.

Whatever the situation, the key is to find a balance, so let's be realistic as we charge for our webflow services.

We've created a Webflow agency pricing guide for clients to help them understand agency pricing.

However, this guide is intended for Webflow agencies who want to learn how to properly bill for their services and create a win-win spectacle.

At the end of the day, your satisfaction should be just as important as the client's.

Types of Webflow Charging Methods

Types of Webflow Charging Methods

To simplify the process of charging for Webflow services, we have divided it into two common methods, as easy as you're performing CMS tricks.

Both of these methods have their benefits, and whether you will use method 1 or method 2 there are various factors affecting them. Let's take a deeper look.

Method 1 - Project billing

The project billing method is a more complex version of charging for Webflow services and requires you to look at things from multiple angles. There are several factors when determining project billing, including the hourly rate, value delivered, and in-house team capacity.

Hourly rate

The hourly rate is your starting point when developing a project billing method.

Regardless of the type of project you're working on, there needs to be an hourly rate as a starting point for your Webflow agency pricing.

So in this step, we determine what our hourly rate is, regardless of the workflow going forward.

The Value You Provide

This is where things get tricky because the types of Webflow projects vary.

From building simple websites to dynamic e-commerce projects to migrating a website to Webflow and building a Webflow app, it's the project that defines the official value you'll deliver.

Although the type of project itself is related to value, other factors influence it.

Here we see some valuable factors such as:

  • Speed of project delivery - If the client wants the project delivered faster, this is the value you will exchange for money.
  • Quality of your services - If the client appreciates that the projects delivered to them are at the highest possible professional level, in line with the leading Webflow trends, it is logical that you charge for your service according to your expertise.
  • Achieving the desired results - Does the client want to get more leads, improve conversion, or have a highly-ranked website with the help of SEO magic? If you can deliver the results that he will perceive as value, your price will move accordingly.

Before defining your price, find out in detail what values your client values, as well as what his goals are. You can modify your pricing narrative accordingly.


Accessibility is something that is always highly valued in digital circles.

The price you charge for your Webflow services is based on your capacity, i.e. the availability to take on the project in a short time.

If a Webflow agency is busy and there is a high demand from the client, the entire service will be more expensive.

With method 1, the formula is:

Hourly rate + value + capacity equals the final price of Webflow services per project.

Method 2 - Hourly-based billing

Hourly-based billing is often seen as a cost-effective solution for Webflow services, but it's essential to follow certain conditions for it to work efficiently.

In fact, many Webflow agencies slip up with this method, leading to dissatisfaction in the end.

Setting an astronomical hourly or monthly fee for your services might seem like a great achievement.

However, you need to consider that a lot can happen in a month, such as unexpected problems, the need for additional hours, or endless CMS updates, which can significantly impact your fees.

That's why the hourly-based billing fee should be seen as a kind of VIP ticket for the services of your Webflow agency.

Hourly-based billing is an excellent method when your client needs Webflow maintenance and support for the further use of an established project.

Here you can easily predict potential costs and determine the final cost.

Let's talk numbers!

Let's talk numbers!

The prices for hiring a Webflow agency talent are not fixed and depend on their level of seniority.

Usually, they range from $35 to $80 per hour that you, the agency pays them.

In addition to these rates, there is a standard Webflow agency fee of an average of $100 per hour.

Furthermore, during periods of high demand, an extra 35% surcharge is applied for each additional 10% increase in capacity until reaching maximum capacity, at which point the team operates at 100%.

However, this flexible pricing structure allows agencies to manage their resources effectively while meeting their clients' needs.

The goal is to ensure the best responsiveness to variating market conditions.

Let’s break down the math with an example of mid-level seniority pricing:

  • The standard agency fee is $100 per hour, which includes the cost of talent
  • During periods of high demand, if the capacity is increased, there's a 35% surcharge
  • If the capacity is increased by 20%, the surcharge will be 70%
  • The total cost per hour will be $255

Bonus tip - How to charge more for your Webflow services?

Bonus tip - How to charge more for your Webflow services?

Once you have determined the billing model for your Webflow services and settled on a final price, you might find yourself pondering how to charge more for your services.

You have done the calculations correctly, and the pricing structure is transparent, but you're still unsure how to add value and justify the high price.

Well, my friends, we have a trick up our sleeve that can help you validate the high price.

The key is in delivering bonus services.

Consider incorporating additional services in your package that typically command a higher price in the market. This will help justify the final cost and make it more reasonable for your clients.

Let's see how you can implement it.

Free Strategic Consulting

Strategic consulting means going deep into performance analysis, following the competition, and supporting client conversions.

Offer a solid consulting plan as a bonus service included in the final pricing.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Expertise

Roll up your sleeves and start some serious testing on how users behave.

Offer it as a free CRO audit that will give your client valuable insights to keep optimization and strong results.

Video Services

Creating high-quality videos demands expertise, time, and resources.

But you can use this advantage and include hero video integration and explainer video production as part of the package.

Content Marketing Integration

Having the technical maintenance of CMS is great, but what about expanding a story a bit?

Since you're already familiar with the client's goals and audience, in the final cost you can include custom-made content for their Webflow website, such as landing page copy, product descriptions, or blog posts.

Motion Graphics

Creating dynamic motion graphics requires specialized skills and software expertise.

Since you already have all that it takes, include bonus options of micro-animation packages to justify the final cost.

Advanced Security Measures

Utilize your tech knowledge and keep your client's website under a watchful eye.

Include this in your final billing as a priceless addition.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

You won't leave your client alone once the project is done, for sure.

Therefore, you can include a maintenance plan that will cover backups, performance checks, and updates.

In Conclusion

You see, billing your Webflow agency services properly doesn't have to be a difficult task.

You now have a clear vision of how to set the price of your services, but also how to justify it if the price ends up high.

The key is to choose a billing method that aligns with your goals, expertise, and the final amount of work involved.

In the end, the art of negotiation is a skill that can be useful when you want to achieve your, as well as your client's satisfaction.

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March 26, 2024

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