Hidden Cost Of “Going Cheap” On Webflow Development

May 21, 2024
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Cheap Webflow development may be an attractive offer, but it can bring some hidden costs. Find out more about common risks of going cheap on Webflow pricing!

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Did someone mention cheap Webflow development? Oh no, you may not want to go in that direction because you can end up paying much more than you would in the first place. 

Even though the cheap costs of Webflow pricing could be such an attractive offer, it may not be a good solution if you care for your Webflow project to end up well. 

Why you shouldn't be dragged by the low Webflow pricing, and what are some serious risks of ''going cheap'' on Webflow development - read in this article.

Why do some Webflow agencies charge more than others?

Why do some Webflow agencies charge more than others?

Webflow pricing within the agencies can vary, so we can see a wide range of offers that differ in charging their services. 

You can see some agencies with a higher Webflow price range, some whose prices are in the medium level, and the third part of Webflow agencies – the ones who charge very low. 

Of course, the Webflow pricing must be justified by the quality of the services you will get from the Webflow agency, so choose wisely who you hire for your next project.

Some of the potential reasons why some Webflow agencies charge less are:

Lack of Webflow experience

Lower costs of Webflow agency fees could be seen in the agencies that are newbies in the Webflow world. 

With the lack of experience, the lower Webflow pricing is justified, bringing with it lower responsibilities, as well as the lack of dealing with complex projects.

Still getting in the game

The second reason why some Webflow agencies are charging less is that they are still getting in the game trying to attract new users with low Webflow prices. 

This is one of the common issues with new Webflow agencies that are trying to penetrate the market faster with competitive Webflow pricing.

Providing basic websites

Pricing is often justified by the complexity of the project so you can expect from Webflow agencies that charge less to offer you a website with basic functionalities. 

In this case, the lower price is completely fine, but if you have a project with multiple layers, a low-price Webflow agency isn't your stop.

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Common risks of “going cheap” on Webflow development

Common risks of “going cheap” on Webflow development

If you want your project to be done right from the beginning until the end, you want to find a Webflow agency that is nurtured with experience and the skill of getting things done properly. 

Here, we’re not talking solely about the pricing of the Webflow agency, but about the value you get for the services you pay for. 

Some of the values that are important to mention are project timeframe, reliability, user experience, advanced functionalities, conversions, and more. So, in the end, it’s not about how much something is paid, but rather what you will get for a certain price. 

Let’s take a deeper look at what are the common risks of going cheap.

Time-consuming process

One of the main problems with cheap Webflow development is the risk of not having enough time to get the complete project. 

If you choose a Webflow agency without a high experience level, they may overlook some important aspects when starting to build your website. This can lead to bugs and functional issues and fixation can be a time-consuming process involving higher Webflow costs. 

An inexperienced Webflow agency can indeed put you in a situation where the launch of your website is slowed, the implementation of your marketing plan could be delayed, and deadlines are pushed back.

Technical problems

Cheap isn't always the best solution if you want your website to be perfect - from unstable code to difficulties with maintenance - you can experience problems all along the way. 

This can also make website changes and updates challenging and often require additional cost to Webflow pricing

Plus, we need to talk about security as well! If the development process isn't done right, you may experience a threat of losing and risking the user's data which can lead to a significant cost increase.

The maintenance cost

If you feel left alone in the maintenance process, this wouldn't be an ideal scenario for your business. 

Even though the cheaper Webflow prices can be attractive at first, you need to think about how you're going to deal with your project when it's finished. Fixing problems, updating, and editing content will be at your expense or you'll have to pay someone to do it again. 

Another trap you can fall into is poor responsiveness, as some Webflow agencies that charge less limit the basic functionality of the website and don't let it adapt to different screens. 

Overall impression

The three points above can have a significant impact on the overall impression of your brand's image, user experience, and conversion rate. So you certainly don't want to ruin everything you've built up just because you want to go cheaper. 

A clunky design and poor user experience will put users off negatively affecting them to turn their visits to paying actions.

Choosing The Right Option

Don't get us wrong, we have nothing against low Webflow prices - but when it comes to creating Webflow projects at a higher level, we would always prefer quality over price. But cheap doesn't always have to mean that Webflow agencies' services are bad. 

Simply, you need to factor everything in to make the best decision on choosing the right agency. Write down what you will get with the cheap Webflow prices, but also what problems you might have if you go cheaper. 

By getting an extensive overview and considering everything, you'll be able to find the best solution for your next Webflow project.

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May 21, 2024

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