Sales, Reputation, Success: Why Every Webflow Agency Should Write a Case Studies

July 10, 2024
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Do you want to drive sales, build reputation, and have succesful Webflow agency? If yes, start writing case studies! Read on to learn more about their importance.

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Today, we are going to talk about one powerful addition that every Webflow agency needs to have in their portfolio – case studies.

Maybe at first writing a case study can seem like bothering yourself with boring homework, but trust us, if something can seriously level up your Webflow agency image case studies can.

What are case studies, and why does every Webflow agency need to have them on their website – find out in this article.

What are case studies and why are they important?

What are case studies and why are they important?

After a few weeks or months, you may only want to sit down and relax in the satisfying feeling of a successfully done project. But don’t relax so fast! While everything’s fresh in your mind, and you remember every single detail of project execution, start writing a case study.

Case studies can be described as an analysis of the specific project that your Webflow agency did for a certain client. Case studies tell a story of how the project was going, what were the challenges the company faced before the project started, and what were the final results.

Addressing the problem, talking about the offered solution, and highlighting how clients benefited from your Webflow agency is the essence of every case study. But you may be wondering why you should write case studies, and bother with details of the project.

To understand better the importance of case studies, we separated this into 3 key case study importance points:

  • Clients love good success stories – If you want to attract your ideal client, then you should take some serious consideration of writing a case study. Think about Webflow case studies as a shop window for your skills, expertise, and service offerings – you want to show up in the best possible light.
  • Case studies work for your Webflow agency – Case studies are some sort of social proof of your Webflow expertise, and every professional Webflow agency has it on their websites. Having a case study on your website goes beyond telling everyone that you’re an expert in the Webflow industry - case studies show your skills in action.
  • Case studies drive sales – Driving sales, and building credibility at the same time? No problem, just start writing case studies! Do you know how many potential clients are facing the same problem you managed to solve for your past clients? Exactly! Having a case study will transparently be your way to showcase to your clients how you managed to overcome the same challenges your past clients faced.

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How to write successful case studies?

How to write successful case studies?

Once you get the point and purpose of writing case studies, this will become your regular ongoing practice for long-term success.

We certainly need to mention that case studies have to be formed in the storytelling narrative, catching users' attention until the end, while you provide important information and engage them.

But let’s break this in a mini case studies guide.

Take notes from the start

In long-lasting projects, your focus is mostly shifted to detecting problems and providing solutions for your clients. In this complex process Webflow agency is going through you may forget about some specific details that can become a great part of your future case studies.

So start making some notes from the beginning! Record every client's observation for their ongoing challenges, thoughts, and concerns, as well as your solution offers, and strategic plans of how you will take care of them. Try to note as many possible details that you can use later for your case study.

Start writing a case study

Make a template for your case study, splitting it into a brief introduction of the company, addressing challenges and concerns, telling more about your solutions, and finishing everything with some real-deal numbers and progress statistics.

This way you will have a storytelling form that will cover everything important from the project while you hold the user’s attention to keep on reading. 

Make it short, but effective

You don’t have to write scientific elaboration when you create case studies, and you sure don’t have to be too extensive. Simply, make your case studies short, but effective enough so that you can cover two fundamental case study criteria: showcasing your work and writing an engaging success story.

Also, if you can simplify your style of writing – go for it when you create case studies.The reason why you should stick with a semi-professional tone is that not everyone is familiar with Webflow’s expert terminology, so you want to make sure what you write is accessible for everyone.

Include reviews and testimonials

Testimonials, as well as your team’s thoughts on the project, are a valuable addition to every case study. Having vivid and real words of your clients, and your team members will breathe life into this project summary.

This is also a great opportunity to once again include client reviews that are important for building future credibility for your Webflow agency.

Enrich case studies with a visual showcase

Enough about words, we want to see a visual showcase of how everything looks! Sometimes “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so you want to keep this in mind while writing your case study.

With a detailed project explanation, you want to include some creatives, making your case study be a perfect showcase of what you did in a certain project. From beautiful website mockups, to before and after pictures – creative possibilities for case studies are wide, and you want to use it all for showing your best work.

Case studies can be pure gold for your Webflow agency

The usage of case studies can serve you along the way in driving sales, attracting new clients, and positioning yourself as a professional Webflow agency.

The good thing about case studies is that almost every type of service you’ve provided to your client could be showcased – from migration and website redesign – to SEO.

If you want to work for your Webflow agency to be positioned as a leader – don’t be lazy and start writing case studies for every meaningful project you have. This way you will have an enviable collection of your social proofs that will work for you anytime.

Ivana Poposka

July 10, 2024

Five years of experience crafting captivating content with a blend of graphic design and copywriting has given me a versatile skillset you can trust. I don't just write words, I build content strategies that leverage my background in digital marketing and SEO to boost your business to the top. My mission? Creating killer content that converts. Because let's face it, giving value is the ultimate sales tool.