From Freelancing to Agency: How To Build Successful Business with the Webflow

May 3, 2024
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Learn how to upgrade your Webflow career from freelancing to agency. Explore key benefits, practical steps, and strategies for seamless transition.

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There are a lot of Webflow designers, developers, and SEO experts who have experienced freelancing at some point in their digital evolution.

You know that period where you struggle with multiple clients at the same time, trying to squeeze yet another project into your freelance schedule. Yes, this is a common freelance scenario, and it's kind of beginner-ish. Observe it like you're playing Tetris and putting digital blocks together for years. 

And yes, you might have great success and become a digital block-building master, but it's still Tetris.

We must agree that freelancing and freelance platforms are good places to hone your digital skills, but at some point, the time will come to bring your Webflow career to the next level.

If you were wondering what's the higher level - it's no less than building a Webflow agency.

Oh no, don't be afraid. 

It may sound like it is, but Webflow agency isn't another fancy word for people in suits running around in a stylish office. No fancy moments here! Having your Webflow agency will be the crown of your career that you will proudly wear for many, many years.

If you feel that it's time to leave your freelance days behind, as well as your Tetris game, read this article. 

With the knowledge of how to surrender to the charms of the Webflow agency and concrete steps, you will be ready to add CEO next to your name. 

So let's start!

Freelancing is good, but…

Freelancing is good, but…

As a freelancer, you work exclusively under your name. This means that clients can't easily recognize you in the sea of Webflow designers and developers. 

Yes, you may have regular clients who keep coming back to you, but sooner or later they may opt for a full-service Webflow agency and you will remain just another fish in the sea. 

So it's clear that as an individual you can't penetrate the digital scene with the same intensity as if you were a Webflow agency.

On the other hand, let's say you're a Webflow designer who, by the way, knows how to develop a website, but you want to expand your services and get more clients, income, and reputation. 

Let's say you opt for SEO services as an addition to your offering. To achieve this you will need to qualify for doing SEO. However, this will naturally take time, a certain investment in knowledge, and a long practice to be at the same level as SEO experts who have been actively working for years.

But what will happen if you team up with an SEO expert you know? 

Getting warmer! Now, your small but mighty team can work under one agency name and conquer the digital world. 

Do you want to become a part of a fast-growing agency base? Check these Webflow masters and make your agency stand next to theirs.

Benefits of Becoming a Webflow Agency

Benefits of Becoming a Webflow Agency

When you feel that the time has come to step up in your business game and grow your career, you may opt for a Webflow agency option. 

On this scaling-up path from startup to enterprise, Webflow is supporting every step of the way. 

Let's get a bigger picture here and take a look at some key advantages of transforming your freelance path to Webflow agency success.

You can work on more complex projects

When you are a freelancer the fact is that you're working on only one-way, transparent, and small projects. On the other hand, being a part of the Webflow agency, you will be able to tackle more complex projects made for serious players. 

In this situation, you can accept long-term, larger projects that you would have struggled with as a freelancer. This, of course, brings a higher fee, but also an overall increase in income. 

When you are part of the Webflow agency, you know that you are not alone, but surrounded by your faithful companions opening collaborations that were once only a distant dream.

You can spread the range of your services

The typical offer of a full-service Webflow agency goes beyond just web design and development. Monotony kills creativity, but you will no longer have this problem when you are a Webflow agency. 

Dealing with the Webflow project from the aspects of strategy, SEO, content, and other digital angles, you will see how the initial idea turns into a real work of art. 

When you have more services in your offer, it is logical that you will attract a wider audience of clients with different needs. A win-win situation for everyone.

The question of trust will be answered

The fact is that the clients perceive Webflow agencies as trustworthy and more established than freelance individuals. 

Therefore you will be able to take full control over your agency's direction processes, but also manage pricing accordingly

With Webflow agency you will be in the position to put your pricing at a premium level, justifying higher cost.

You can split the workflow

When you work as an individual you have everything on your plate. With Webflow agency the workflow is divided into equal parts regarding the position of the team members. 

With your skilled colleagues, you will sleep peacefully knowing that the project is always in safe hands. In other words, you will be able to focus only on your expertise, giving your maximum.

You will boost client satisfaction

With complete team members in your crew, you will be able to provide high-quality work for your clients. This will not only give you a reputation, but it will also produce client satisfaction. 

If you want to highlight your agency, building a reputation and authority in the Webflow industry may be one of your main goals in the beginning. Once you've positioned yourself at the top of the Webflow game you can start climbing on your path of success.

Development and impact will be professional

When you're running a Webflow agency you will be able to develop your leadership and management skills. This means that your role will be to delegate teamwork tasks, motivate your colleagues, and build an authentic company culture.

The next thing to note is the fact that Webflow agencies can have a larger impact on the overall web design industry, and if you're a natural innovator this can be positive news for you. 

You can as well mentor junior designers and developers, sharing your experience, which will further contribute to the Webflow community, and shape the future of web design trends. This way you will continue the cycles of onboarding skillful individuals and mentoring them toward success.

4 Practical Steps for Becoming a Webflow Agency

4 Practical Steps for Becoming a Webflow Agency

If you decide to switch from freelancing to a Webflow agency, you may be wondering what specific steps you should take along the way. Here we distinguish between two situations. 

The first is if you have an experienced Webflow agency founder to help you along the way. The other situation is when you are alone with the whole process and wondering what your first step is. 

Whether you have a mentor in front of you or not, starting a Webflow agency can be explained in 4 basic steps. Each of these 4 steps requires additional steps, but they are essential for your Webflow agency startup to be successful.

Create a business plan

Many ideas remain just a dead letter on paper because you don't take concrete steps to implement them. But here we come to the first hurdle, namely what steps are necessary to become a webflow agency. A business plan can be your guiding star on this path, and you start it by being clear about the vision, mission, and goal of your future webflow agency. 

Target the market you want to advertise in, consolidate the range of services you want to offer, and create financial projections. With a business plan, you'll have full control over your webflow agency and you'll know exactly what steps you need to take to achieve your goals.

Bring digital creatives together

Once you've put your vision on paper and created a business plan, it's time for the fun part! Now it's time to bring digital creatives to your Webflow agency and form a powerful team. The first step is to have an idea of what skills you need from team members, from specific expertise to others. 

Among expertise moments, make sure you choose people who share the same passion for Webflow as you do. 

When things get difficult and projects start to get out of control, the shared passion for projects is what will keep you together even in difficult moments. 

In this step, you may decide to hire freelancers to continue the onboarding process and have creative individuals next to you who want to be part of the Webflow agency.

Determine system and work process

While your Webflow agency is connected, you need to set up clearly defined workflows and project management. This will prevent projects and deadlines from getting mixed up while maximizing your team's potential and keeping your customers happy. 

The way you and your team communicate with clients, as well as internal collaboration, is important too, and it needs to be defined if you want to achieve a professional and healthy environment. 

Build a marketing strategy

Once you've laid a stable foundation for your Webflow agency, it's time to show the world what you have to offer. This step is all about marketing and building a strong online presence to get you noticed out there. 

Everything you normally do for your clients you can apply to your Webflow agency, starting from building a professional website to showcasing your work with some marketing magic. You can get engaged on social media, especially on Linkedin, to connect with your potential clients and industry professionals. 

Building a strong brand identity from the very beginning is very important for success.

In conclusion

Many people nowadays would say that the road from freelancing to a Webflow agency can be a thorny one. 

But, this doesn't have to be your scenario if your passion and desire for success are strong enough to catapult you into the orbit you want.

Of course, we must underline how important it is to have the right people by your side. Being surrounded by people who have a passion for the Webflow industry combined with relevant skills is the definition of a dream team.

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May 3, 2024

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