Find, Customize, and Launch: All You Need To Know About Webflow Templates

May 16, 2024
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Find everything you need to know about Webflow templates, learn more about their benefits, types, and start your website building adventure today.

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Not so long ago, to create a website, web designers had to design it completely from scratch. Yes, building tens of web pages, and designing them one after the other, element by element, were made fully based on a picture from the designer's head. 

That was a time when it was all about originality, but the process of web design wasn't as streamlined as we know it today. And here and there we could see some of the thought leaders of web design creating a website that once set standards. 

But with Webflow's low-code approach, worrying about every single detail is a thing of the past, in other words, it's become completely unnecessary. 

Thanks to Webflow templates - and we're not talking about fixed templates that can't be customized - the process of creating Webflow websites has become more efficient, more creative, and better.

What are Webflow templates?

What are Webflow templates?

When we talk about Webflow templates, there are a few key things you should point out right away:

  • There are free and paid Webflow templates that may differ in their functions
  • Webflow templates can be customized regarding your specific needs
  • Webflow templates aren't just a one-click solution so you had to edit them further

So what do Webflow templates stand for in the first place? Webflow templates represent a wide range library of pre-defined layouts that are called templates. 

They can also be defined as themes that web designers can use in Webflow website creation to get the result they aim for. 

Using Webflow templates web designers can easily design Webflow websites, and they could be adjusted in content, colors, fonts, and more to accomplish the desired look. Webflow templates stand out in the process of creating a website due to their customization features that don't require high coding skills - creative freedom and simplified processes checked.

Benefits of using Webflow templates

Benefits of using Webflow templates

To maintain the optimum level of creativity and be original, we often face something of a paradox today when it comes to website templates. 

So the following question is quite real - how to simplify the process of website creation while maintaining authenticity, or will the use of Webflow templates compromise the originality of the website? 

When you put it all together, the math is simple - yes, you can use Webflow templates, and customize them to your needs while maintaining the original style that fits the brand identity. 

That's proof of the usefulness of Webflow templates, which simplify the process of creating Webflow websites while giving you enough freedom to express your creative part.

Some of the key Webflow template benefits include:

More efficient design process

The time when you stared at a blank layout and thought about which frame, font, or color to choose is over with Webflow templates. 

Even if you already have an initial plan for the look of your website, with Webflow templates you have a very solid foundation to build on to achieve the desired result.


Along with the efficiency benefit, Webflow templates are a time-saving option, so you don't have to think so much about where to place certain elements, text, images, etc. 

With Webflow templates, you can cut the web design process in half and have a solid foundation pre-made while enjoying your creative freedom.

You don't need a lot of knowledge

Even if you don't have an enviable amount of knowledge, you can use Webflow templates to create websites. Since the Webflow templates are created by Webflow experts, customizing them is easy for any level of experience.

Easy adaptation to different screens

The additional lack of experience is also covered with the feature of Webflow templates that refers to the easiness of adapting to mobile screens, as well as other screen sizes.

There are options for every budget

Free, or paid Webflow template - the choice is yours. However, free Webflow templates often have fewer features, and you have a 2-page limit, so if you want to expand the website's size you'll have to purchase the template-based site or buy a paid Workspace plan.

How to choose a Webflow template?

How to choose a Webflow template?

With 2000+ Webflow templates available, choosing the one that will serve you in the process of building a Webflow website could be a never-ending task. Therefore, we differ a few things that can be important to note. 

First, you need to have a defined purpose for the website, then you want to check the web design trends in the industry, and last, but not less importantly you have to check whether the chosen template is fully customizable for your needs. 

Let's take a deeper look.

The Webflow website's purpose

The first step when choosing a Webflow template is defining a website's purpose, because you sure don't want to use an e-commerce template for your blog page. Some of the most popular Webflow templates are:

  • Business Webflow templates - These are classical templates for corporations, agencies, startups, and other business organizations that need a space for showcasing their work, talking more about their services, providing users with testimonials, and content, introducing team members, and more. 
  • Portfolio Webflow templates - Portfolio Webflow templates are suitable for creators who want to present their work visually, so it's the best type for photographers, designers, artists, and everyone who can showcase what they're doing via photos.
  • Blog Webflow templates - Blog Webflow templates are used for writers, as well as for everyone who is creating a writing type of content. It contains pre-defined layouts that are mostly seen in the articles.
  • E-commerce Webflow templates - If you want to sell products online, and build a webshop - an e-commerce Webflow template should be your choice. With pre-made Webflow templates made for e-commerce, you will have everything you need to launch your online store, starting from the product listings, to the payment gateways.

Industry design trends

The next step is to sneak around and check what are the latest design trends for your industry. Maybe you've found the perfect business Webflow template that is just perfect for your needs, but exploring the industry you find that the certain stylization you've chosen has become a thing of the past. 

You surely don't want to give your competitors an advantage by choosing a Webflow template that's outdated. When we talk about industry design trends that are related to Webflow templates, you have to consider what types of websites are the ones that stand out in the niche. 

Has something changed in the color directions, or has been animation trend dominant? You want to make sure that you have what you want, while you're aligned with what's considered as a trend.


When you determine the type of Webflow template you want to use, as well as its industry trend alignment, you will have to check what's the range of Webflow template customization. 

Here we are talking about sacrifice, and available options to avoid it, because we've said it a lot of times - with Webflow you can have it all. So before opting for a certain Webflow template, or purchasing the one you want you want to make sure it's fully customizable to your needs. 

Two important points we want to highlight here are:

  • Static templates - If you have a website that will be built out of fixed content that you won't change very frequently, all kinds of Webflow templates can work for you.
  • CMS templates - In every other case, for example, if you have a website that has dynamic content update requirements, edits, and changes Webflow templates with CMSs will be your option.

Do you need a Webflow agency that can build you a Webflow website with or without a template, or you're a Webflow agency that wants to showcase its expertise? Check our Webflow directory because all good Webflow agencies are in one place.

In conclusion

Free, paid, e-commerce, portfolio, or business - Webflow templates could be your best solution for creating modern websites with maximized efficiency. 

The best thing? You don't have to worry about whether you will have the same website as your competitors because Webflow templates can be customized according to your specific needs, requirements, and ideas.

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May 16, 2024

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