How To Convince Your Client To Redesign a Website in 5 Steps

May 28, 2024
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Having a modern and functional website it’s a must nowadays. Explore how to convince your client to get a website redesign in five steps.

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Your client’s website is their online gateway to all their business goals, including innovative moves, conversions, and showcasing expertise.

With this in mind, clunky websites can be one of the biggest turn-offs, no matter what industry they come from. The Webflow agency's goal is to show clients if their website is up to current standards and offer better solutions.

It’s like driving a car: Now and then you have to replace it with a new model that is more functional and attractive. Whether you drive a Tesla or a retro model that won’t get you anywhere is up to you.

How to convince your clients to redesign a website we will explore in this article.

The Question of Trust

If the client comes to your Webflow agency looking for a solution that has nothing to do with a website redesign, but you see a real problem with the website's performance, it’s time to act.

To convince a client to redesign a website, you need to be perceived as a trustworthy Webflow agency.

What does that mean first and foremost? Well, you need to confidently and clearly state why your client needs a website redesign while preparing some of your best portfolio evidence to show what you can do for them.

Thirdly, you need to listen to your client’s needs. If your client has some of the concerns that come with a brand new website, you may not have to convince them that a website redesign is necessary, but it will be clear to them that they need it.

Convincing a Client to Redesign a Website – When To Do It

Convincing a Client to Redesign a Website – When To Do It

As we said, there’s a long list of situations in which your client can be convinced for a website redesign, without your excessive explanation of why.

The websites we see nowadays, going along with the standards climbing high fast, the AI impact, and more, we want to see those digital creations work perfectly.

But if your client can’t see a real need for a website redesign, it’s time to start your persuasion pointing out it’s time for a fresh start.

Top reasons why your client should redesign their website

We wrote about the obvious signs that a website is stuck in the past, but when it comes to how to convince a client for a website redesign, here is what you should address:

  • The design doesn’t look good – Click here to enter 1999! If your client’s website has some screaming banners, questionable clip art, a disbalance in color theme, and a layout that is messy and confusing it’s time for them to find out they have to redesign their website.
  • They don’t convert – A black hole of visitors that aren’t turning into paying customers is growing constantly. If your client isn’t getting the conversions they want, you have to make sure to explain why poor website design is the reason why one clicks on the ‘purchase’ button.
  • Mobile friendliness is like a mobile nightmare – The era of mobile-first websites stepped into our lives a long time ago, and if your client’s website looks like it’s only suitable for desktops from the ‘90s, it’s time for action.
  • Content updates are difficult – If your clients are struggling to make even small content updates like they've been doing some kind of complicated surgery, it’s time to go for a more friendly CMS. 

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How to Convince a Client to Redesign in 5 Steps

How to Convince a Client to Redesign in 5 Steps

When you’ve put your cards on the table, detecting the main issues of a dysfunctional website of your client, it’s time to go offensive through the following 5 steps.

#1 Show how competitors are doing

Hire your inner detective, and start exploring your client industry by marking the competitors that are leaders in the niche.

One of the best ways to turn on the light bulb in your client's heads is to showcase to them how your competitors are doing online. If they have websites that are rocking the digital world, you won’t need long to convince clients for a website redesign. Compared to competitors' websites, your client will see the difference, and start thinking in the website redesign direction.

#2 Data is the best proof

We love to say that numbers don’t lie, baby. Bounce rates and sales figures that lay dusty in the data section won’t help your clients accomplish their business goals. Explain how Webflow is making user-friendly websites that have great loading time speed, and guide them to the door to the conversion heaven.

#3 There’s no room for anxiety

A lot of clients have concerns about migrating to Webflow as if it is the clunky process of transferring all digital goods from one world to another.

But if you point out how you execute the migration process, and showcase your successful migration to Webflow projects, there will be no room for concerns. Plus, you can always highlight the major benefits of Webflow migration such as easy CMS, greater security, scalability options, and more.

#4 Ask about their preferences

We all love some kind of website stylization, therefore, your client must have its taste when it comes to digital creations. Ask them about what they personally prefer to see when they search for something online. With the information you get, you will be able to address what’s the thing that fascinates your clients and stick to it. In the end, they have to be fully satisfied with the website they get.

#5 Make a presentation

Pointing out the benefits of the website redesign sometimes isn’t enough because we are visual beings.

So make sure you prepare a presentation in which you can show before and after the redesign result, explain what you will improve, and what the client will get from the redesign.

Having a visual presentation of the redesign process can be a crucial step when you want to convince your client for a website redesign.

Final Thoughts

The role of a Webflow agency isn’t solely about executing projects from start to beginning, it’s the process of building trustworthy relationships in the industry.

When you suggest a website redesign, no matter if the client accepts it or not, you show that you care about their online success. Of course, you won’t do it for free, so make sure the client is always familiar with your Webflow agency pricing.

Keeping things transparent, while you communicate openly will make you stand out as a Webflow agency that will triumph in the niche. Sometimes, because of the rush in your client's business world, they may not be aware of the pain points they’ve been through, but luckily you will be there to address those, offer solutions, and guide the complete process.

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May 28, 2024

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