Stay Ahead and Upgrade Your Website: 2024's Hottest Web Design Trends

July 18, 2024
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Stay ahead of the curve with 2024's top web design trends. Learn how to integrate low-code, bold typography, and interactive elements into your website.

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Two quarters of 2024 are behind us, but it’s still not too late to create your websites based on the current web design trends.

As trends change year by year we experience different perspectives in perceiving digital creations. What was in a few years ago, today may be passé, and what was once shown as a great practice  - will always be pulled through.

Web design trends are here to help our websites always stay attractive, and aligned with consumerism needs, but you don’t need to rely only on them.

Taking the best from web design trends, while you stay true to the brand voice and proven web design methods is the best practice for long-term success.

Speaking about web design trends for 2024 that left, and are still leaving the mark on the digital industry, we’ve highlighted 9 most interesting ones that can help you level up your web creations. Let’s explore them.

Low-code development is always a trend

Low-code development is always a trend

In 2024 you don’t have to go for traditional development methods if you want to create websites.

Thanks to Webflow - a platform that uses a low-code approach, you get faster, better, and in the long run cheaper versions of building websites.

With Webflow’s agility and low-code movement, the business will always be able to adapt and change their websites leaving enough space to always be aligned with web design trends.

AI in web design

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be a big part of web design trends in 2024. There’s almost no digital field that hasn’t found a way to use AI, and at the core of it lies the personalization of user experience.

More and more websites are using AI to tailor content, design, and even recommendations to provide a super personal feeling.

Type bold

Type bold

We can all agree that some classical Serif fonts should always be present on websites, but when it comes to headlines and typography arrangements in 2024 you may want to try something bold.

Massive, big, and beautiful fonts that instantly grab users' attention replaced strict and well-known font formats, creating a more dynamic and playful feeling.

Minimalism is on the wane

Similar to what we had for typography web design trends for 2024, when it comes to graphics web designers should opt for more opulent graphics.

Here we see graphics that drastically move away from a clean and minimalistic look towards more fiery and vivid graphic samples.

Nostalgia calling

Nostalgia calling

With bold and rich graphics we can instantly get a throwback to the 80s, where bright colors and geometric shapes were in the center of the stage.

A retro vibe is one of the web design trends for 2024 which can be really refreshing after years of having futuristic, cold, and cyber-like web designs.

Go for 3D

It seems like web design trends for 2024 are spinning around maximalism, and this wave didn’t bypass 3D animations and graphics.

3D animations will produce a captivating sense of web design depth, making it more engaging for users to explore your website.

Layers, layers, and more layers

Layers, layers, and more layers

Don’t be afraid to experiment, because based on the web design trends for 2024 minimalism and maximalism share the stage for creating a truly aesthetic feeling.

We say – go for minimalism, but include some bold elements, patterns, and layers to create a real-deal digital masterpiece.

Go interactive for users to be active

In 2024, and based on the current web design trends, websites should definitely move from a static approach.

You don’t have to exaggerate with interactivity, but subtle effects of storytelling implemented through animations, micro-interactions or gamification elements can bring life to your website in 2024.

Experiment, but keep it clear

You can experiment with animation, graphics, and typography but keeping everything simple is something you will have to master based on the web design trends for 2024.

Once you’ve established a clear structure and hierarchy for your website you can devote your designing process to details, and see how even small adjustments can make a big difference.

Some Trends Never Get Old

No matter what year is it, or what web design trends are current, certain aspects of web design go beyond trends.

Website usability, mobile-friendly design, clear message communication, and SEO are some of the trends that will always be an actual part of the digital world.

But if you can borrow something from the latest web design trends for 2024, and mix it with your well-known approach - you will likely get a winning combination in creating websites.

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Ivana Poposka

July 18, 2024

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