How to Successfully Talk to Your Webflow Agency - Communication Guide

June 5, 2024
For Clients

Good communication with a Webflow agency can make half work done, but only if you prevent some common mistakes. Read more about it in this article.

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If someone told you behind your back (or to your face, ouch) that your website wasn’t good, you may have perceived it as an opportunity for change.

Then you gave up trying to master your website yourself and booked a professional Webflow agency to do the job properly.

Full of enthusiasm and with an idea of what you wanted, you knocked on the door of the Webflow agency, ready to get your hands on everything you needed for your Webflow project.

But wait, there's more to a successful website than just some coding magic. You need to build a real relationship of trust with your chosen Webflow agency to ensure everything works perfectly from start to finish.

Find out why communication is so important and why freaking out over every pixel is a recipe for disaster – in this article.

Why is communication No. 1?

Why is communication No. 1?

Driven by the idea of a particular Webflow project, clients often have difficulty communicating what they want in the first place.

And this is not just about technical things like “Migrate my website to Webflow”, “Redesign the current xy pages”, “Improve my Webflow SEO”,… No, it's about small details that can mess up an entire project if communication goes wrong.

That's why we've pointed out the top reasons why communication can become an issue in any collaboration between clients and Webflow agencies.

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Mind reading isn’t included in the package

Seriously, you can’t expect that a Webflow agency can scan your mind and read all of your thoughts as some kind of psychic. Keeping with open communication, all kinds of semi-understandable sentences have to be left behind.

Be clear and precise about your vision for this project and tell as many details you think the Webflow agency should know. Even if you don’t think something’s important, tell it.

Talk about your vision, your target audience, your brand goals, and everything that can be important for a project execution.

Expectations aren't set

Changes are good, in fact, but you don’t want to put your Webflow agency on a never-ending rollercoaster of changes, revisions, and endless variations.

The most important thing here is to be very open about deadlines, the budget you have planned, and when and what are the exact updates you expect.

Having a good communication foundation will prevent you from making your Webflow agency leave in fear from your next email.

Feedback is forgotten

Feedback is forgotten

Revisions are inevitable, and that’s completely fine when you have a running Webflow project.

But when you don’t cut the bad roots, in the beginning, it will be like you’ve put the dust below the carpet over and over again until it explodes and makes a bigger mess.

Always keep in mind that your agency wants you to be satisfied with the result, but don’t hesitate to give feedback when something’s not like you want it to be.

The best thing when it comes to feedback is the Webflow’s ability where you can monitor what the agency is doing and track everything in real time.

Just try to not overdo it, and hang around their neck all the time – let the Webflow agency do the work – but always be transparent about your level of satisfaction with how the project is going.

Transparency equals trust

A reputable Webflow agency will regularly keep you updated about how things are going on with the project, and you will always have a clear picture.

But you can’t expect to be notified every time a Webflow designer moves a pixel. That’s when the question of trust comes into the game – the more transparent both sides act the more trust will be gained during the process.

Words, words, on the wall…

High communication skills are natural for some people, while others just spread them around and make them hang in the air. But with a lack of communication, you can experience some serious drama in your client–Webflow agency relationship.

Once you’ve chosen a Webflow agency that stands out as an expert in the Webflow niche, if you mess up a communication you won’t experience their professionalism. Rather, you’ll start packing your digital suitcases and leaving the station before getting a chance for a project to happen.

Always think about communication as a two-way direction that needs both sides maximally included in the process. The more open you can be while you talk about your ideas, expectations, and goals, the more you can experience that agency will follow it.

Ivana Poposka

June 5, 2024

Five years of experience crafting captivating content with a blend of graphic design and copywriting has given me a versatile skillset you can trust. I don't just write words, I build content strategies that leverage my background in digital marketing and SEO to boost your business to the top. My mission? Creating killer content that converts. Because let's face it, giving value is the ultimate sales tool.